The 17 Most Expensive Yachts To Charter

There is always present a segment of the rich and the affluent who wish to spend their vast fortunes wisely, when it comes to luxury travel, specifically in the case of luxury yachts. This is where most expensive yachts to charter comes into play. Numerous millionaires and financially comfortable individuals around the globe dream of sailing on the pristine blue waters, but are wary of investing millions of dollars in luxury superyachts, largely due to the fact that these boats are not only expensive to buy, but equally pricey to maintain as well. However, the private yacht charter services provide these enthusiasts with the means of fulfilling their desire without having to worry about the expenses of owning a luxury megayacht. What luxury yacht charters offers, is the freedom of acquiring a luxury yacht on rent and enjoy its bespoke comfort and amenities for a specific amount of time and then handing it over back to its owner.

It is not only the money conscious customers who prefer to charter luxury yachts rather than buy them, the owners of these magnificent yachts for charter are also increasingly getting in to the charter groove. Numerous high profile yacht owners such as the likes of Roman Abramovich, Rupert Murdoch, Steven Spielberg etc. have begun to offer their prized possessions on charter services, realizing that the amount earned via the ‘rent’ can just as easily be used for the vessels’ maintenance, without having to dip into their accounts.

Here at World Most Expensive, we are a big fan of luxury yachts and hence have taken this opportunity to present to our readers, a comprehensive list of the 17 Most Expensive Yachts To Charter.

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1.  Eclipse

Owner: Roman Abramovich

Charter Price: $2 Million Per Week

The superyacht Eclipse is by far the most elegant and feature packed luxury boat in existence and is owned by none other than the globally renowned Russian tycoon, Roman Abramovich. With a price tag of a whopping $400 Million to $800 Million, this megayacht  requires nearly $50 million a year just for maintenance and to keep the vessel operational. In light of such high upkeep cost, it seems the best alternative for Mr. Abramovich was to advertise his proud vessel as also a private yacht charter. Available for a staggering $2 million a week, the Eclipse is the most expensive yachts charter that has been exclusively made available by SuperYachtsMonaco. The queen of luxury yacht charters, Eclipse features a military-grade missile defense system, armor plating and bulletproof windows, while dominating the realm of luxury with its three helipads, a private theater and a fitness center. The Eclipse spans over 557 feet in length and provides a spacious 5,000 square-foot master suite that comes along with a six feet home cinema screen.

2.  Seven Seas

Owner: Steven Spielberg

Charter Price: $1.3 Million Per Week

Acclaimed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg prefers to spend his free time on the blue waters sailing on his $200 million luxury megayacht Seven Seas. This gorgeous 282 feet superyacht is also one of the most expensive yachts to charter as the vessel is available for charter services with a massive price tag of $1.3 million per week. The Seven Seas was custom developed by Netherlands shipyard Oceano and was intricately designed by Nuvolari & Lenard. Built for extreme luxury and comfort, this bespoke boat can accommodate up to 12 guests and 26 crew members, while featuring a separate private owner’s deck that come with its very own master stateroom, as well as a private study. The Seven Seas has also been given a private deck area that boasts of a Jacuzzi and private VIP cabins. However, the most striking feature of the Seven Seas is its infinity pool that comes with a 15 foot glass wall, which can be used a movie screen for unmatched entertainment. The interiors of the yacht are crafted from are rosewood, teak, and walnut, while this bespoke vessel also provides its guests with the comforts of a fully equipped gym, a spa room and another indoor cinema room.

3.   Alfa Nero

Owner: N/A

Charter Price: $1.20 Million Per Week

Designed and developed by Oceano, the Alfa Nero is a stellar luxury megayacht that provides the best of elegant design and bespoke comfort. Measuring a full 269 feet in length, the Alfa Neo is now available for charter services via YCO and is widely regarded as one of the most expensive yachts to charter. The vessel which is a great new addition to the growing list of yachts for charter is powered by twin MTU diesel engines that give the boat a maximum speed of 20 knots and the superyacht is more than capable of cruising vast distance with a maximum range of 5,000 nautical miles. Overall, the Alfa Nero provides an astounding 4,000 square feet of opulent living space for 12 guests and 28 crew members. On the inside, the occupants are presented with three separate dining areas, a dance floor and even an elevator that has been crafted from glass. With a weekly charter price of an eye popping $1.2 million, the  Seven Seas was officially launched in the year 2007 and since then has been capturing the hearts of numerous guests who have availed the luxury yacht charters services offered with the Seven Seas.

4.  Amevi

Owner: Lakshmi Mittal

Charter Price: $1 Million Per Week

Lakshmi Mittal, the world renowned billionaire and the owner of the world’s biggest steel company Arcelor Mittal is also widely known in the luxury circles for his luxury megayacht, Amevi. This gorgeous boat has now become a vital element of the private yacht charter business, as the superyacht is now available on a rental model with an asking price of an astounding $1 million per week. Evidently one of the most expensive yachts to charter, the Amevi was designed and developed by Oceano and gleams of a magnificent that is equally complemented with a slew of the most opulent modern amenities imaginable. One of the most fabulous yachts for charter, the Amevi can accommodate up to 16 guests and 22 crew members. The luxury megayacht was launched in the year 2007 and spans 262 feet in length, while featuring a cinema, gymnasium, heated pool, massage room and hairdressing salon, along with a private Jacuzzi. From an  engineering standpoint, the most striking feature of the Avemi is its state-of-art Rolls Royce “zero speed” retractable stabilizers, while the boat boasts of a private study, a changing room  as well as another Jacuzzi in the master suite.

5.   Alysia Moonlight II

Owner: N/A

Charter Price: $900,000 Per Week

Launched in the year 2005, the Alysia Moonlight II or more commonly referred to as Moonlight II is a luxury megayacht that is also hailed as one of the world’s largest yachts, thanks to its 85.3 meter super structure. Counted among the elite of the most expensive yachts to charter, the Moonlight II is composed of a steel hull and the deckhouses have been crafted from aluminum. This private yacht charter vessel is more than capable of accommodating up to 36 guests along with 34 crew members and the designers of this fabulous boat have given a maximum range of 7,000 nautical miles. On the bespoke comfort side of the equation, the megayacht features 18 lavish staterooms and 18 bedrooms, while the Moonlight II also carries a special private master suite that has been provided with its own Jacuzzi, private study and even a private deck. One of the most alluring amenities of the luxury superyacht is its temperature controlled wine cellar with a 500 bottle capacity. Furthermore, to ensure that the guests leave with nothing but the most cherished memories, the Moonlight II offers a movie theater, hair and beauty salon, gym, children’s play room and a helipad. There is also present a dedicated business center for the mobile tycoons, along with a dedicated  spa deck that sports its very own Jacuzzi.

6.  Alexander

Owner: N/A

Charter Price: $899,120 Per Week

Designed and developed in the year 1965 by Lubeker Fender Werke, the luxury megayacht Alexander has now found a place in the prestigious list of the most expensive yacht charters. This exquisite and feature packed megayacht is at the helm of the portfolio offered by private yacht charter services. The Alexander underwent a thorough upgrading process and in the year 1998, the vessel was finally categorized as a luxury megayacht. Powered by two MAN diesel engines, this luxury vessel is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 18 knots, while sporting a cruising speed of 15 knots. The entire superyacht measures 122 meters in length and is more than capable of accommodating up to 80 guests, while providing ample living means for its crew of 60 people. The Alexander features 40 luxurious guest cabins and a separate master suite that comes with its salon, as well as an en suite that sport a private Jacuzzi. Among other amenities, this royal megayacht also comes with a helipad, a small infirmary, a fully equipped gym, a music and even a children’s play room. For those seeking upscale entertainment, the vessels offers a big movie screening room with an occupancy of 27 seats, while also boasting of a disco bar, along with a magnificent pool deck that is comprised of a pool and Jacuzzi. The Alexander is available for charter services from Privatsea Yachting with a price tag of $899,120 per week.

7.  Solemates II

Owner: N/A

Charter Price: $600,000 Per Week

One of the foremost and highly revered German shipyards, Lurssen Yachts brought together the bespoke comforts of a superyacht and the versatility of an Apple iPad with the launch of the luxury megayacht Solemates II. Introduced in the year 2010, this superyacht carries stunning interior designs that were accomplished by the highly renowned artist Glade Johnson, while the exterior of the boat was designed the famed superyacht designer Espen Oeino. Hailed as one of the most expensive yachts to charter, the Solemates II carry a rental price tag of a whopping $600,000 per week. The megayacht measures some 190 feet and can easily accommodate 12 guests in opulent luxury, along with a crew of fourteen. The vessel is powered by a twin Caterpillar engines that give the superyacht a maximum speed of 15,5 knots and a range of 7,000 nautical miles. However, the most alluring feature of the Solemates II is its deep integration with the iPad tablet, where in the captain of the ship give out the tablet device to all the guests, who can then use it to control the various entertainment features of the boat. The iPad is given a custom application that enables the guests to wirelessly control the lights and climate systems, entertainment systems and even gives them the ease to summon the crew all by tapping and swiping on the tablet. The Solemates II feature a grand and spacious sun deck that sports its own bar and a Jacuzzi, while the superyacht also boats of a spa, a fully equipped gym, along with six cabins, a master suite and four additional guest cabins.

8.  Maltese Falcon

Owner: Elena Ambrosiadou

Price: $554,825 Per Week

Owned and operated by the founder of Asset Management, Elena Ambrosiadou, the Maltese Falcon is a 288 feet luxury yacht that is now available for charter with a price tag of $554,825 per week, thus making it one of the most expensive yachts to charter. The megayacht was designed by Perini Navi Italy and employs a revolutionary new sailing system called, DynaRig sail system, where in the three masts of the vessel are crafted entirely from carbon fiber. Designed to be a hi-tech sailing vessel, the Maltese Falcon has been fitted with a cutting edge computer system that takes care of the yacht’s operations, while the boat even comes with a highly trained crew of 18. With a capacity to accommodate 18 guests, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the Falcon offers nothing but the very best of luxury. Considered to be one of the world’s largest privately-owned sailing yachts, the Maltese Falcon provides ample water sporting opportunities with the availability of  two 32 foot Pascoe RIB Tenders with water skis and four laser sailboats. Furthermore, for those who wish to be pampered in the lap of luxury, the superyacht offers a 50 inch plasma television located in the main saloon and the master, while 40 inch plasma screen dot all the guestrooms. Also, present throughout the boat is a bespoke Bang & Olufsen surround sound system and the guests are also provided with various connectivity solutions such as GSM cellular services and high speed wireless Internet connection. Powered by twin 2 Deutz TBD620 engines, the Maltese Falcon can attain a top speed of 18.5 knots, while sporting a maximum range of 3,000 nautical miles. The Maltese Falcon can be acquired on charter basis from Burgess Yachts.

9.  Maraya

Owner:  N/A

Charter Price: $476,739 Per Week

Designed and developed by the famed CRN Yachts Ancona, the Maraya is a fabulous luxury megayacht that brings together breathtaking aesthetics and some of the most fanciful luxurious amenities imaginable. Introduced in the year 2008, this boat sits at the very top of private yachts to charter and spans 177 feet in length. The superyacht is capable of accommodating up to 12 guests, along with a crew of 15 and features six lavish staterooms, while the vessel itself served as the host to the famous rapper P. Diddy, who chartered the Maraya in the year 2008 for his Cannes Film Festival performance. This luxury superyacht has been designed by the iconic interior designer Claude Misser. The boat is powered by two CAT 3152B chp engines that enable the Maraya to achieve  cruising speed of 14 knots. With a charter price of the $476,739  per week, the megayacht is hailed as one of the most expensive yachts to charter and feature a fabulous sundeck that has been given its very own bar and Jacuzzi. Furthermore, guests on board the vessel will be offered a spacious and bespoke living spaces, while there is also a separate master suite located on the main deck that comes with emperor sized bed and there is also present a VIP cabin on the upper deck of the luxury yacht.

10.  Andreas L

Owner: Liveras Yachts

Price: $441,350 Per Week

Renowned luxury yachts charter provider Liveras Yachts, has now announced the availability of yet another luxury superyacht for charter. The Andreas L is a luxury superyacht that measures 196 feet and is manned by a dedicated international crew, which is appointed via a rigorous selection process. Designed and developed by Benettie, Anderas L features a gorgeous interior design that has been accomplished by famed designer Redman Whiteley Dixon and the superyacht guarantees bespoke luxury for its guests throughout their journey. The Andreas L is a vast vessel that is comprised of just about every modern amenity imaginable. Guests aboard this luxury superyacht will be able to take full benefits of a fully equipped gym, a massage room and even an illuminated Jacuzzi. To ensure ample watersport options, Andreas L comes with a wide range of water sport equipment, such as the likes of two stand-up paddle boards, a jet ski, diving gear, an inflatable slide, a water trampoline, two Malibu kayaks, water skis, wetsuits and even a 32 foot Intrepid tender. This majestic luxury megayacht is designated to operate in Eastern & Western Mediterranean, the Caribbean and as far as the Indian Ocean. Regarded as one of the most expensive yachts to charter, the Andreas L can be hired for a weekly price tag of a staggering $441,350.

11.  Galaxy

Owner: N/A

Charter Price: $374,311 Per Week

Introduced in the year 2005 as a marvelous new addition to the world of private yachts charter, the luxury megayacht Galaxy has gathered immense reverence from the rich and the affluent. Developed by Italian shipyard Benetti , the Galaxy features stunning interiors crafted by the famous Stefano Natucci and stand at 183 feet in length, sporting immense grandeur. The Galaxy is powered by two Cat 3512b engines that enables this astounding boat to reach a top speed of 16 knots, while sporting a range of an impressive 5,000 nautical miles. The Galaxy with its $374,311 per week rental price tag is widely considered to be one of the most expensive yachts to charter and offers bespoke elegance as well as comfort to its guests. The superyacht Galaxy features six cabins that are made up of two double staterooms and two twin cabins, along with a VIP room and a luxurious owner’s suite that comes with en suite Jacuzzi, as well as a VIP office. On the entertainment and recreation said, the megayacht boasts of  a wine cellar, Jacuzzi and a fully stocked gym. Furthermore, the upper deck of the vessel features a Sky Lounge that is equipped  gaming tables and bar, along with an indoor cinema and offers panoramic view of the ocean. The Galaxy also maintains a vast portfolio of digital entertainment for its guests, which include, satellite TV, a book library and a meticulously maintained library of CD and DVD titles.

12.  Altitude

Owner: The Classicist

Charter Price: $370,000 Per Week

In the year 2003, one of the most revered Italian shipyards, Benetti Yachts, introduced the magnificent luxury superyacht called, Altitude. Designed by the famous interior decorator Stefano Natucci, this luxury boat stands at 181 feet in length and carries the best of both marine technology as well as bespoke luxury. The Altitude is capable of accommodating 12 guests along with a crew of 14 and carrying a rental price tag of $370,00  per week, is now considered to be one of the most expensive yachts to charter. The Altitude is powered by two Caterpillar 3512E DITA engines that provide the vessel with a top speed of 16 knots and a maximum range of 5,000 nautical miles. On the luxury front, the Altitude features a stunning main deck that is composed of a main saloon and a dining saloon with an occupancy capacity of 12 guests. There is also present on the main deck a lavish owner’s suite, which features separate bathrooms for men and women, while also sporting a private study and a serene observation lounge. The lower deck of this magnificent mega yacht carry  two VIP suites that come with their own en suite bathrooms and the deck also sports two separate double suites with bathrooms. The guests can enjoy a wonderful time on the boat’s sundeck that has been given a spa pool, a wetbar and a fully equipped gym.

13.  Solemar

Owner: Mikhail Prokhorov

Charter Price: $325,000 Per Week

The former Russian Presidential candidate and the owner of New York Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov has put up his precious luxury megayacht, Solemar for charter services, which will bring a staggering $325,000 per week for the 32nd richest man in the world. Considered to be one of the most expensive yachts to charter, the Solemar was designed and developed by Amels of The Netherlands in the year 2003 and is widely known to be floating palace of comfort and modern amenities. This luxury superyacht measures 202 feet in length is more than capable of accommodating as many as 12 guests in the most bespoke elegance as expected from a luxury boat of this prestige. The Solemar is powered by a two 2600hp Caterpillar, thereby propelling the vessel to a top speed of 14 knots. This luxury megayacht boats of six separate suites that are comprised of a master suite, which comes with an extra-large king bed and an exclusive owner’s suite that offers a private study and an observation platform. There is also made available a private VIP suite, which has been given an extra-large king bed among other amenities. The Solemar is one of those luxury yachts that have truly embraced nearly all conventional as well as technological comforts. The boat has been provided with a fully air conditioned gym and also provide the guests with an immaculate entertainment experience, via a state of the art media system that is comprised of flat screen TVs, iPod compatible HD Movie projector and even an outdoor viewing screen that measures an incredible three meters. Among other offerings, the Solemar provides the guests with child waterski, gaming consoles, fishing equipment, all the while maintaining a vast library of CD and DVD titles.

14.  Rosehearty

Owner: Rupert Murdoch

Charter Price: $286,758 Per Week

Rupert Murdoch, the globally renowned media mogul and owner of the media behemoth, News Corporation, besides his cunning corporate skills is also known to be an avid luxury yacht enthusiast. Mr. Murdoch’s personal luxury sailing yacht called, Rosehearty, took the world of luxury by storm in the year 2009, when the vessel was listed for charter services, with an asking price of a whopping $286,758 per week. Hailed as one of the most expensive yachts to charter, the Rosehearty was measures some 38 feet in length and was developed by Perini Navi in the year 2006, while the spectacular interiors of the boat were accomplished by French designer Christian Liagre. The Rosehearty is powered by two Deutz TBD616 V12 engines that take the vessel to a top speed of 15 knots, while providing a maximum range of a respectable 3,000 nautical miles. This luxurious addition to the world of luxury yacht charter can accommodate up to 12 guests and a crew of nine. The Rosehearty features a magnificent master suite  that is equipped with king bed and a sitting area, while the boat even comes with two separate VIP suites that have been give queen beds. For recreational purposes, the designers of Rosehearty provided this lovely vessel with two Laser pico sailing dinghies, six sets of Mares dive gear, along with an elaborate audio visual entertainment system that is comprised of flat screen and plasma TVs. Furthermore, Rosehearty also offers a slew of communication features such as satellite phones, as well as wireless Internet connectivity.

15.  Hemisphere

Owner: N/A

Charter Price: $273,957

The month of May last year, the world of luxury yachts was presented with a rather pleasant surprise in the form of the all new Hemisphere. Designed and developed by U.K based Pendennis Shipyard, the Hemisphere is a luxury catamaran that has also been termed as the world’s largest sailing catamaran. Measuring a full 145 feet in length, this gorgeous private yacht charter example was immediately put out into the luxury yacht charters market with a weekly rental price of $273,957, making it one of the most expensive yachts to charter. The Hemisphere, despite being smaller than most luxury superyachts, has been designed to offer its guests with  numerous features, as well as nearly all luxurious amenities, expected from a luxury yacht. The bespoke catamaran is powered by two Caterpillar engines and can easily achieve a cruising speed of 15 knots. The Hemisphere can accommodate as many as 12 charter guests and comes with a crew of eight, while featuring four lavish double cabins and one  twin cabin. For water based activities, this gorgeous catamaran offers waterskis, a one meter high professional diving board, along with fishing and snorkeling gear. For those, who prefer to be pampered with on-board luxury, the Hemisphere boasts of a Jacuzzi, satellite television and even comes with iPod & MP3 docks spread throughout the opulent catamaran. For uninterrupted communications, the Hemisphere equipped with satellite and GSM phones, while also providing wireless Internet services. There is also present an elaborate audio-visual system for the most thrilling entertainment experience.

16.  Cyan

Owner: The Edge

Charter Price: $200,000 Per Week

The Edge, the iconic guitarist of the globally revered Irish rock band, U2 stunned the world of both music and luxury yachts, when he purchased the luxury superyacht Cyan for a whopping $18 million. Designed and developed by Italian shipyard Codecasa Yachts in the year 1997, the Cyan was constructed to bring forth a magnificent vessel equipped with the most modern and fulfilling amenities possible. The Cyan is currently being offered on charter basis with a weekly rental price of a staggering $200,000, thereby propelling this private yacht charter in to the elite list of the most expensive yachts to charter. The Cyan is powered by twin 12V 396 TE94 MTU diesel engines, thus enabling the boat to achieve a top speed of 19 knots, while taking the maximum range of the luxury vessel to 5,500 nautical miles. This megayacht is capable of accommodating 12 charter guests, along with  a crew professional trained crew of eleven. The main deck of the Cyan is comprised of the master suite, which features king size bed, along with two walk-in closets, his/her bathrooms, a private Jacuzzi bath and even a private study. Apart from the master suite, the gorgeous boat also boats of a Queen cabin on the main deck, while the lower deck is comprised of two Queen staterooms and two twin cabins. For recreational purposes, the Cyan comes with a sailboard, a Yamaha wave runner, waterskis, as well as fishing and snorkeling gear. All the rooms aboard the Cyan have been provided with TV, DVD and VCR equipment for a thoroughly enjoyable stay for the guests.

17.  Aurelia

Owner: N/A

Charter Price: $160,000 Per Week

In the month of June 2011, Dutch shipyard Heesen Yachts unveiled its latest creation in the form of the all new Aurelia. This luxury superyacht has been heavily inspired by the auto racing circuit and hence carries the legendary Gulf Oil racing colors in its paintjob. The gorgeous color combination of tangerine, sky blue and white not only represent the racing team, but is also synonymous with the iconic actor, Steve McQueen of the 1971 Hollywood epic, ‘Le Mans’. As a tribute to the global race circuit and luxury sports cars, Heesen named as well as themed the guest cabins after the legendary sports car marques Bertone, Pininfarina and Zagato. The Aurelia is powered by two MTU 16V 4000 diesel engines and the luxury megayacht is capable of achieve a top speed of 30 knots, while sporting a range of 1,900 nautical miles. This luxury private yacht charter can accommodate up to eight charter guests, while offering striking as well as opulent living quarters for the guests. The entire vessel is composed of four cabins, of which one is the master suite located on the upper deck, while the rest three are guest cabins that can be found on the lower deck of the boat. On the outside, the Aurelia features a spacious sundeck that comes with its own spacious seating arrangement and a convivial bar. The Aurelia is currently available on charter with an asking charter price of $160,000 per week, thus making it one of the most expensive yachts to charter.